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finance & economyJanuary 21, 2021

GLC head ratchets up pressure on state to compensate for private industries, hospitals amid lockdown

NNA - General Labor Confederation head, Bechara Al-Asmar, on Wednesday stepped up calls on the Lebanese state to coordinate with the General Labor Confederation (GLC), economic bodies, and civil society to seek the best mechanism to compensate for private sector employees “who have been deprived of their monthly wages or have been receiving only a part of it due to the general lockdown.”

He also called for the state’s support of government hospitals, employees, administrators, and the entire medical body of doctors and nurses, by moving forward with a bill to render them full-timers by the Ministry of Public Health.

Asmar then stressed the need to secure delayed private hospital dues, and to facilitate the import of all types of vaccines, under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, to prevent monopoly and price manipulation, as well as to swiftly organize the vaccination process.

Moreover, the GLC head went on to call on all officials and stakeholders to facilitate the formation of the lengthily awaited government in a bid to reach the minimum required level of political stability that could pave the way for economic healing.