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governmentNovember 22, 2021

Aoun Says Solution for Govt. Crisis is Separation of Powers

President Michel Aoun on Sunday noted that the solution for the country's governmental paralysis is 'not implausible.'

'It is found in the constitution, specifically in Article E of its preamble, which stipulates that the Lebanese system is based on the principle of the separation of powers,' Aoun said in an address to the nation marking Lebanon's Independence Day.

'We should all abide by the constitution... so that the government resumes its mission amid these pressing circumstances,' Aoun urged.

'Are we truly aware of the level of harm affecting our society due to the paralysis of the government? This situation should not continue,' the President added.

He also pointed out that he is 'continuing the efforts' to resolve the diplomatic crisis with the Gulf countries, hoping there will be a solution 'soon.'