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finance & economySeptember 21, 2021

JSSR to hold 7th International Economic Conference

Amman, Sep. 20 (Petra) -- The Jordan Society for Scientific Research, Entrepreneurship, and Creativity (JSSR) on Monday announced it will hold the 7th International Economic Conference titled 'Self-Reliance in the Bicentennial’s Economy' on September 25.

The conference, to be held in cooperation with Petra University, aims at defining the features of the next phase of Jordan’s economy, and stating the need to establish a solid socio-economic base to enhance the sustainability of development paths, the JSSR said in a statement.

JSSR President Rida Shibli indicated that the conference comes to evaluate the Jordanian economic experience throughout its first centenary, and chart the features of self-reliance for future generations whilst moving to the Kingdom’s bicentennial.

'During of the worldwide havoc caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the government’s focal points were to strengthen the emergency risk management, achieve food security and provide different types of support to businesses in order to address poverty and unemployment, and achieve economic, financial and social security,' he added.

The conference will bring together officials, specialists and researchers to link the pillars of economic security, food self-sufficiency, financial security, health security, globalization and artificial intelligence with the self-reliance concept.