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Hollande says to propose international conference against IS

French President Francois Hollande said Wednesday he would arrange a conference next month on the threat posed by Islamic extremists in Iraq, describing the current international situation as "the most serious since 2001."

"I think we are in the most serious international situation since 2001...I will therefore soon propose a conference on security in Iraq and the fight against Islamic State," Hollande told Le"......

Abu Dhabi Police Air Wing: 1015 Missions in 6 Months

Abu Dhabi Police Air Wing: 1015 Missions in 6 Months

The Air Wing Department at the Abu Dhabi Police flew 1015 missions during the first half of 2014. The operations included 72 air-ambulance missions covering road accidents and patient transport between hospitals; 6 search and rescue missions; 224 police patrols; 522 training flights; 132 maintenance-related sorties; and some 59 missions for different police and humanitarian purposes.